2022-08-29 , 16:57:30

The Ambassadors designate of Germany, Spain, Belgium, Libya, Kenya, and Ethiopia presented their cr... Read More

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PR No. 187 Pakistan Strengthening Ties via Multi-Lateral Engagement in Algeria Islamabad: January 29

2023-01-30 , 00:37:41
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PR No. 184 Progress of any region and country is not possible without peace and harmony. Federal Mi

2023-01-29 , 18:45:45
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PR No. 185 President orders FBR to refund deducted tax to British era library in Multan as a hardsh

2023-01-29 , 20:53:14

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Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Father of Nation
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Dr. Arif Alvi

President of Pakistan
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Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif

Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
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Ms. Marriyum Aurangzeb

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting
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Muhammad Abubakar Umer

General Manager Digital Media Wing, Government of Pakistan