Publicity Officers

S# Name & Designation Name of Minister/MOS Portfolio Email Phone No Mobile No
1 Mr.Biraj Lal Dosani Director General (Media) Ministry of Finance and Revenue 0331-3292270
2 Ms. Tehreem Ahsan Information Officer M/o Interior 0302-8423031
3 Mr. Wasim Akram Information Officer M/o Climate Change 0344-8077655
4 Mr. Wasim Akram Information Officer Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development 0344-8077655
5 Dr. Sahar Sarwar Information Officer M/o Aviation (ii)Addition duties M/O Narcotics Control 0334-9765652
6 Mr. Waqas Ayub Information Officer M/o Religious Affairs & Inter-faith Harmony 0343-5821289
7 Ms. Rabbiya Khalid Information Officer Petroleum Division 0345-1514994
8 Ms. Mahnoor Ali Information Officer M/o States & Frontier Regions (SAFRON) 0335-1141149
9 Mr. Muhammad Atif Fayyaz Information Officer M/o Commerce 0321-8410357
10 Mr. Qadir Yar Tiwana Director General (Media) Ministry of Interior 0300-4130306
11 Mr. Intisar Ahmed Deputy Director Ministry of Foreign Affairs 0333-8397140
12 Syed Hasan Mehdi Information Officer PM Office (Media Wing) 0333-6274868
13 Ms. Lubna Ahmed Deputy Director i) Ministry of Privatization
ii) Ministry of Inter- Provincial Coordination 0300-5042134
14 Mr. Mujeeb Qadir Deputy Director Ministry of Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit Baltistan 0333-5101713
15 Mr. Ehsan Ullah Shahzad Deputy Director i) Ministry of Water Resources
ii) Federal Minister 0321-7007618
16 Mr. Muhammad Ali Shah Deputy Director Ministry of Science & Technology 0334-7881817
17 Ms. Mahar-un-Nisa Deputy Director i) Ministry of Poverty Alleviation & Social Safety
ii) National Security Division 0300-9640762
18 Mr. Muhammad Afzal kolachi Deputy Director Ministry of Railways 0331- 5986855
19 Mr. Yasir Shakeel Deputy Director Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives 0335-0017737
20 Ms. Allah Rakhi Information Officer Ministry of Law & Justice 0346-5741639