PR No. 268 Islamabad: December 31, 2015

Minister of State for Federal Education and Professional Engr Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman met with the group of students fromBaluchistan today.

State Minister welcomed the delegation of students and said that students are the back bone of any country, they are the real asset of any nation. He told the students about the initiative taken by the present government in last two and half years in education, energy, security and development etc for Baluchistan as well as for the other federating areas of Pakistan.

We were given the task by the President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain to visit and make a comprehensive report on Baluchistan in order to solve the issues of the province, said the Minister. We met with every group, political parties, and separatist groups to address the grievances of all people. By the grace of Allah all of them expressed their trust in Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. And with this confidence we started working for the betterment of not only just Baluchistan but for every federating unit of this country from the day one.

Minister of State  talked about the development in energy, security, law and order, infrastructure, economy and education sectors in last 2 years. He said that we have already started working on TAPI and CASA projects which will extremely be fruitful for the people ofBaluchistan. Further he added that we need to establish good relations with our neighbor countries for a peaceful future and for thatBaluchistan would have to play a key role.  Moreover he talked about the energy sector and said that coal power plants of 6500 mega watt have been established in Thar to curtail energy shortage in the country. He also talked about the 7 new nuclear power plants and completion of Neelum Jhelum project within the present government tenure.

He also talked about the recent initiative taken by the Prime Minister to clarify the misconception of Economic Corridor and said that this economic corridor would benefit each and every person of this country.

Minister of State also answered the queries of the students regarding higher education and scholarships. In the end he encouraged the students to work hard, work for excellence and for the betterment of the world.