PR No. 27
Washington D.C: 04, December 2023

“Pakistan sends its best and the brightest to the United States. Our doctors have succeeded in the United States beyond imagination. This is a matter of pride for Pakistan and the diaspora community around the world,” said Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States. “You're the biggest asset; the most enduring asset that we have between Pakistan and the United States,” he said. “Have faith in Pakistan; have faith in your motherland,” he added. Ambassador Masood Khan made these remarks during 10th Annual Banquet of Delaware Valley Chapter of Association of Physicians of Pakistani descent of North America. APPNA-PUN represents Pakistani doctors’ community of Eastern Pennsylvania, Upper Delaware and South New Jersey. “You are successful people because you had faith in yourself. If you can make it, Pakistan will make it, and I have no doubt about it.” he said. “We have problems back home but they will be a blip in our long history. We will negotiate a transition. We have the wherewithal to do that,” he said. Masood Khan said that while Pakistan had lagged behind in some areas, the country had also progressed immensely in many walks of life. “Our human capital is increasing,” he asserted confidently. Highlighting the successes of Pakistani diaspora in the United States, the Ambassador noted that this was not the time for Pakistan community to be polarized. This, he said, was a moment to consolidate gains and to be part of the United States mainstream. “You should not be on the fringes. You should be in the mainstream because you have the requisite competencies to do that,” he told the gathering of brilliant minds. The Ambassador also noted growing numbers and influence of Pakistani-Americans in US political spectrum and other important areas of life. He appreciated the services of Mr. Tarik Khan, member Pennsylvania House of Representatives for Pakistani and the US community. Among others, Mr. Tarik Khan recently introduced a successful resolution to declare Eid-ul-Fitr as holiday in Pennsylvania state. The Ambassador also appreciated APPNA and its leadership for its immense contributions towards Pakistan especially during calamities and difficult times. Concluding his remarks, the Ambassador thanked APPNA, Dr. Harun Durrani and other leadership for their support during devastating floods last year. He also thanked Dr. Imran Amir, Dr. Farhan Tahir, Dr. Junaid Chaudhry and Dr. Shehla Siddiqui for inviting him to the occasion and providing him an opportunity to address doctors’ community of Pennsylvania. *****