PR No. 26 Masood Khan meets Pakistani Students Association Coalition of the United States Terms Pakistani students a force multiplier in strengthening Pak-US ties; promoting image of the country Washington D.C., December 3, 2023

“Pakistani students studying in the United States not only connect Pakistan to the United States but also serve the country by leveraging their enriched experiences and vast expertise that they gain in the United States,” said Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States. “You are a force multiplier in cementing Pak-US ties; bringing the peoples of the two countries closer and projecting true image of Pakistan,” he said. “You are a valuable asset for the country and for Pak-US relations,” he added. Ambassador Masood Khan made these remarks during a virtual meeting with around 50 Pakistani students representing 15 leading universities and colleges across the United States under the umbrella of Pakistani Students Association Coalition (PSAC). PSAC is the largest coalition of Pakistani students with its members representing a diverse array of renowned US educational institutes including Brooklyn, Queens, Hunter College, Baruch College, City College, Columbia University, Harvard University, UC Berkeley, Swarthmore College, Minerva University, Syracuse University, and more. Masood Khan lauded the initiative of PSAC in uniting Pakistani students’ associations under one umbrella and thus fostering a stronger and broader community of Pakistani students. He also appreciated various initiatives being taken by the coalition towards promoting cultural heritage of Pakistan and bringing the people of the two countries closer to each other. “Your primary purpose is to excel in your chosen fields. This can never be ignored. But your secondary and equally important responsibility is to imbibe the rich educational ambience inside the campus, outside of campus, across campuses of the United States,” he said. “You have to respect the law of the land and you have to respect the norms of the hosts,” he said. “You project the real image of Pakistan,” he added. He pointed out that there were misperceptions about Pakistan and its people and Pakistani students could be instrumental in showcasing the strength of Pakistani nation. “Each one of you is an ambassador in your own environment and in your social groups. Your conduct would reflect on our image as a nation. This is a huge responsibility that you need to be cognizant of,” he said. The Ambassador also briefed the students on upward trajectory of Pak-US relations and various areas of cooperation between the two countries including trade ties and the efforts to tap economic potential of the relationship. Responding to a question by a student, the Ambassador advised the students to make their mark in their studies, contribute their share towards cementing Pak-US ties and also to invest back in Pakistan. “You are the future of Pakistan. Connect with the youth of Pakistan. Try to understand their concerns. Try to synthesize their aspirations and translate them into policy at different levels,” he said. The Ambassador also urged the students who would soon be stepping into practical life to maintain a close liaison with leading Pakistani-Americans organizations of professionals and entrepreneurs including APPNA, OPEN for better networking and professional opportunities. The Ambassador thanked President PSAC Areeb Shahid for facilitating the meeting and assured every possible assistance to the coalition in advancing its objectives and agenda.