PR NO.188 Islamabad

Mr. Thomas Drew, the British High Commissioner to Pakistan, called on the Federal Minister for Finance Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar this morning at the Finance Division.
The Minister welcomed the newly appointed High Commissioner and said that he hopes that his current appointment to Pakistan will play an important role in further improving the bilateral relations between the two countries.
Mr. Drew said that it was his second appointment in Pakistan and he felt very happy and privileged in his new position. He said that the relationship between Pakistan and UK is highly valuable for both sides and that he believes that Pakistan has a pivotal role to play in the peace, stability and development of the region.
The High Commissioner said that the government of Pakistan has been able to bring about visible improvements in the economic environment in the country as well as the security situation. These improvements would go a long way in attracting foreign investors to invest in the country.
The Finance Minister informed the High Commissioner that the government was focusing on economic growth and creation of more job opportunities for the people. He said that foreign investment can play a key role in the process and the government therefore welcomes foreign investors. He appreciated DFID, UK’s support for the social sector in the country in the form of grant projects for health, agriculture, disaster management and poverty alleviation. He hoped that the bilateral cooperation in various fields will further increase during the tenure of High Commissioner Drew, in the mutual interest of both the countries.