PR No. 116
Islamabad: February 13, 2020

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on accountability Shahzad Akbar, while talking to media outside the parliament house, said that, Bilawal Bhutto is misleading the people and his lawyers are miss guiding him. He stated that NAB has summoned Bilawal for investigation due to his involvement in different cases.He said that he will not speak lies like Bilawal Bhutto. He further stated that Bilawal Bhutto is twisting the facts by misguiding that he was only 7 years of age when these properties were bought. However, the fact is that these properties were bought in 2011 - 2014 when his father was president of Pakistan. Adding that both the former president and his Sister are co-accused in these cases. He informed that Bilawal Bhutto was also investigated in JV opal-226 case. Wherein Zardari group has been accused in money laundering of worth 1.25 billion .He stated that the amount has been laundered through various accounts by taking advantage of corporate sector. SAPM said that people usually become poor whereas the Zardari group wealth; has amassed over the year. He stated that no one is above the law and every accused has to present himself before the investing agency. He added that Bilawal Bhutto made properties with laundered money including Bilawal house and agricultural lands. They should prove their innocence before the Court of law. He further said that No one will be allowed unlawful privileges in Naya Pakistan. He said that in our country everybody claims to be expert in law, but let the Court decide the matter. He explained that that the name of Chief Minister Sindh was removed from Exit Control List to ensure smooth continuity of the affairs of Provincial Government, and not because he is innocent. Replying to a Question, he apprised that 3 institutions are investigating BRT case. Adding that a committee has been constituted in this regard. Whereas FIA has submitted its report.