Press Releases

PR No.1 Islamabad

2016-02-01, 13:39:30

All Provinces/ICT Administration are requested to observe one-minute silence on 5th February 2016 at 1000 hours accordingly. General public are also r... Read More

PR No.259 Islamabad

2016-01-30, 13:38:09

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar visited residence of Mian Amer, Chairman Dunya News Group in Lahore Saturday.He offered condolence over sad demise of Mian ... Read More

PR No.258 Islamabad

2016-01-30, 13:37:36

Finance Minister, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar as Chairman, ECC here on Saturday accorded anticipatory approval to amend 0.6% withholding tax rate on ba... Read More

PR No.257 Progress On Energy Projects Reviewed Islamabad

2016-01-30, 13:37:05

Finance Minister, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar here on Saturday chaired a high level meeting to review progress on development projects in the power and... Read More

PR No.256 ECC Meeting Islamabad

2016-01-30, 13:36:02

ALL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS TO BE CHEAPER BY RS 5 PER LITER IN FEBRUARYThe Government has announced the prices of petroleum products which would be effecti... Read More

Corruption on the decline

2016-01-29, 13:35:23

Courtesy:-   Malik Muhammad AshrafCorruption is generally defined as misuse of entrusted power or authority by the elected politicians or ap... Read More

PR No.255 ECC Meeting Islamabad

2016-01-29, 13:34:51

A meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet was held here Friday with the Finance Minister, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar in the Chai... Read More

PR No.254 ECNEC Approves Emergency Plan For Polio Eradication, Other Projects Islamab

2016-01-29, 13:33:36

The Federal Minister for Finance Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar chaired the meeting of Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC) here on Fr... Read More

PR No.253 Condemnation Of Suicide Terrorist Attack In Saudi Arabia, 29 January 2016 I

2016-01-29, 13:30:31

Pakistan strongly condemns the suicide bombing during Friday prayers at a mosque in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia today, which resulted in loss... Read More

PR No.252 Islamabad

2016-01-29, 13:29:54

Interior Ministry’s Spokesperson has clarified the impression created by some news reports appearing in a section of media today regarding the Inter... Read More

PR No.251 Islamabad

2016-01-29, 13:29:18

European Commission has published its report on its GSP Scheme covering the period 2014-2015 (Calendar year). The report can be accessed at the follow... Read More

PR No.250 Islamabad

2016-01-29, 13:28:45

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif chaired a meeting to review the performance of development projects of CDA.Minister of State for Capital Administ... Read More

PR No.249 Public Private Partnership Is The Key To Accelerated Digitization In Pakist

2016-01-29, 13:28:12

Minister for IT, Mrs. Anusha Rahman held inaugural telepresence meeting with Cisco international team. The meeting was attended by Dr. Robert Pepper V... Read More

PR No.248 Islamabad

2016-01-29, 13:27:23

As part of PML-N government’s policy to give top priority to the education in the country, Planning Commission of Pakistan approved five higher educ... Read More

PR No.247 Safety And Security Of Journalists, Media Houses, A Top Priority Of The Gov

2016-01-29, 13:26:44

Safety and security of Journalists and Media Houses is the top priority of the Government. Muhammad Baligh-Ur-Rehman, Minister of State for Federal Ed... Read More

PR No.246 PM Chairs Meeting To Review The Overall Situation Islamabad

2016-01-29, 13:26:06

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif chaired a meeting at PM House today. The meeting focussed on the overall security and economic situation of the c... Read More

PR No.245 Introduction Of Blended Education Through Video Lectures Will Enhances Stud

2016-01-29, 13:25:30

Minister of State for Capital Administration & Development Division (CA&DD) Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhary has said that introduction of blended ed... Read More

PR No.244 Pakistan-Turkey Cultural Collaboration And People-To-People Exchanges Being

2016-01-29, 13:24:59

Pakistan and Turkey have agreed to take steps to further intensify cultural collaboration and people-to-people exchanges says a press release received... Read More

PR No.243 High Commissioner Mr. Nasrullah khan presents his credentials Islamabad

2016-01-29, 13:24:15

The High Commissioner of Pakistan to Singapore, Mr. Nasrullah Khan, presented his credentials to the President of Singapore Tony Tan Keng Yam at an im... Read More

PR No.242 Ministry Of Information Technology Has Submitted Psdp Schemes Worth Rs.2457

2016-01-29, 13:23:41

The Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) for FY 2016-17 in respect of Ministry of Information Technology and its attached departments has been pre... Read More