Press Releases

PR No. 190 Films, culture and tourism serve as a catlyst in changing perceptions: Mar

2017-05-17, 11:11:44

Films, culture, heritage and tourism serve as a catalyst in changing perceptions about countries and societies. Ms. Marriyum Aurangzeb, Minister of St... Read More

PR No. 189 Islamabad

2017-05-17, 11:11:01

Finance Minister, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar has extended felicitations to the Prime Minister, Mohammad Nawaz Sharif and the whole nation on achieveme... Read More

PR No. 188 Hong Kong

2017-05-17, 11:10:26

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz met Chief Executive-Elect SAR Mrs Carrie Lam in Hong Kong, today.Mrs Carrie LAM will assume her office on 1st ... Read More

PR No. 187 Hong Kong

2017-05-17, 11:05:11

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz met the chairman ZTE Mr Yin Yimin todayin Hong Kong.Speaking on the occasion the Prime Minister said that Pakistan ... Read More

PR No. 186 Hong Kong

2017-05-17, 11:04:30

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz met Chief Executive of Hong Kong Mr. Leu Chen Yung in Government House Hong Kong, today.On his arrival the Prime Mi... Read More

PR No. 185 At UN Pakistan calls for resolving conflicts to end sexual violence Islama

2017-05-17, 11:01:51

Pakistan’s top diplomat told the UN that prevention and resolution of conflicts was the best way to eliminate conflict-related sexual violence.Speak... Read More

PR No. 184 Ishaq Dar chairs meetings with Finance Division, FBR Officials Islamabad

2017-05-17, 11:01:05

Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar chaired separate meetings on Wednesday with senior officials of Finance Division and Federal Boa... Read More

PR No. 183 Meeting On IT & Telecom Sector Islamabad

2017-05-17, 11:00:25

The Federal Minister for Finance, Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar, chaired a high-level meeting at the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday on matter... Read More

PR No. 182 Islamabad

2017-05-17, 10:59:16

“The 1991 Water Apportionment Accord has been a great success by bringing major stakeholders on an agreement”, Federal Minister for Science and Te... Read More

PR No. 181 Record Highest Generation, 17720 MW reached Islamabad

2017-05-17, 10:58:37

The country’s electricity generation touched new record high at 17720MW today at 3:00 pm. Last year highest generation recorded was  17430MW on... Read More

PR No. 180 Islamabad

2017-05-17, 10:57:57

Congressman Thomas Suozzi, Member of the House Foreign Relations and Arms Services Committee met the Ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry at the Chancery today. ... Read More


2017-05-17, 10:57:18

Following up on a commitment given at the 2015 Paris COP, the Prime Minister directed that a federal programme be launched for revival of forest and w... Read More

PR No. 178 Islamabad

2017-05-17, 10:56:34

“Federal Government is fully aware of the socio-economic needs of the common man including the segment of the people with disabilities. He said that... Read More

PR No. 177 Marriyum Castigates PTI leaders for Loose-cannon Behaviour Islamabad

2017-05-16, 10:54:17

Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb on Tuesday castigated the loose-cannon like behavior of the P... Read More

PR No. 176 Population & Housing Census Islamabad

2017-05-16, 10:53:35

Finance Minister, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar, here on Tuesday chaired a special briefing session on the ongoing Population and Housing Censu... Read More

PR No. 175 Pakistan Britain Business Council delegation to promote commercial relatio

2017-05-16, 10:52:33

In order to promote commercial relations between Pakistan and UK, Pakistan High Commission London is actively supporting a six member delegation of Pa... Read More