Publicity Officers

S# Name & Designation Name of Minister/MOS Portfolio Email Phone No Mobile No
1 Mr. Sagheer Ahmed Watto Deputy Director M/o Foreign Affairs saghiranwar87@gmail.com 0321-6339437
2 Ms. Fatima Batool Assistant Director M/o Finance, Revenue fatimahbatul@gmail.com 0303-4063498
3 Ms. Sara Malik Information Officer i) M/o Petroleum
(ii) M/o Industries and Production
sara45.gopk@gmail.com 0333-9672045
4 Ms. Lubna Ahmed Deputy Director i) M/o Privatization lubnaahmedmughal@gmail.com 0300-5042134
5 Mr. Rizwan Matloob AIO i) M/o Law and Justice 0334 5464969
6 Mr. Rana Mujataba Yousaf Khan Information Officer M/o National Food Security & Research ranamujtabayousafkhan@gmail.com 0321-2129299
7 Mr. Jamil Ahmed Information Officer i) M/o Information Technology jamil.janjua79@gmail.com 0332-5240233
8 Mr. Ayaz Wazir Deputy Director i) M/o Defence
ii) M/o Defence Production
ayaz3360wazir@gmail.com 0316-9216879
9 Mr. Muhammad Saleh Deputy Director Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs. muhammadsaleh5@gmail.com - 0333-5747486
10 Mr. Mujeeb Qadir Deputy Director M/o Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit Baltistan mujeeb.khokhar7@gmail.com 0333-5101713
11 Mr. Muhammad Umer Faran Information Officer PM Office (Media Wing) m-umerfaran@hotmail.com 0332-7341081
12 Mr. Ghayas Anwar Information Officer i) M/O Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resources Development.
ii) NTCB
anwarghayas092@gmail.com 0302-4222922
13 Ms. Sidra Shafique Information Officer Advisor to PM on Accountability sidra333@gmail.com 0321-4149809
14 Ms. Sidra Hussain Information Officer i) M/O Science & Technology sidrahussainqureshi@gmail.com 0347-8065646
15 Ms. Maryam Lateef Information Officer i) M/o States and Frontier Regions
ii) Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir
maryam.latif@hotmail.com 0322-8670680
16 Mr. Adnan Akram Bajwa Secretary PR FBR bajwa.infogroup.adnan@gmail.com 0334-8685140
17 Mr. Touseef Ahmed Janjua Information Officer National Security Division touseef.janjua@outlook.com 0333-5110245
18 Ms. Zile Huma Deputy Director M/O Human Rights zilehuma_1@hotmail.com 0344-5559649
19 Ghayas Anwar Information Officer Aviation Division Anwarghayas092@gmail.com 0302-4222922
20 Mr. Adnan Arjmand Deputy Director Establishment Division adnanarjmand@gmail.com 0331-5679159