PR No. 66 MEETING OF THE FEDERAL CABINET Islamabad: September 9, 2016

The Federal Cabinet met under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, here today, to discuss different agenda items.

During discussion on Prime Minister’s Global SDG’s Achievement Programme, the Prime Minister underlined that achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a must for long term prosperity of the country. “Pakistan is the first country in the world to have adopted SDGs by Parliament as part of national development agenda. Equal opportunities will be given to all parts and people of the country mainly in the sectors of health and education with special focus on the less developed areas”, said the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister further said that local communities must be fully involved for the effective implementation of SDGs.

The Federal Cabinet considered and gave approval to compensation rates for land acquisition for affectees of Diamer Basha Dam. The Prime Minister said that construction of mega Hydel projects would greatly help in fulfilling the energy needs of the country along with mitigating the hazards of floods. “Our government is determined and focused on resolving the energy issues confronted by Pakistan. Our plans include execution of short, medium and long-term projects in this regard”, said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister directed that transparency must be maintained in the distribution of compensation money to the affected people of Diamer-Basha Dam. “Our government arranged the finances for Dasu Hydel Power Project through World Bank and all the required measures are ensured for the construction of Diamer-Basha Dam”, added the Prime Minister.

The Cabinet also approved the Extension of the Proof Registration (PoR) Cards and Tripartite Agreement in respect of Registered Afghan Refugees till 31st March 2017. During the discussion the Prime Minister said, “Afghans are our brothers and very dear to us. Adequate and concrete steps will be ensured for facilitation of Afghan Refugees living in Pakistan”.

The Prime Minister directed the Ministry of States & Frontier Regions to hold broad based consultations with the national leaderships of main stream political parties and Afghan representatives for addressing the concerns of Afghan Refugees. “We would not allow that Afghan Refugees living in Pakistan to be terrified in any way. They are our guests and their return plans would be decided in a way that does not create any negative impression in the minds of people living on both sides Durand Line”, further said the Prime Minister.




The Federal Cabinet also considered and accorded approval to the following: