PR No. 202 Islamabad

Mr. Syed Ahmad, Chairman of Pakistan Software Houses Association (PSHA), along with his team, called on Federal Minister for Commerce, Mr. Khurram Dastgir Khan

.           The Chairman PSHA informed the honorable minister that PSHA intends to spearhead the “Digital Pakistan 2020 Campaign” that will not only create about 3 lacs of white collar jobs for the youth but will also provide an export jump that will reach 5 billion US dollars per year by 2020”.

The objective of the meeting was to rally the support of the Ministry of Commerce for the “Digital Pakistan 2020 Campaign” in general and for promotion of E-commerce initiatives in Particular. “We want the Government to address the issues the industry is facing , remove the impediments to growth, such as infrastructure and taxation related issues that are being faced by the IT companies and back up the IT sector”, added Mr. Syed Ahmad.

Mr. Syed Ahmad explained that several other regional countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and India have successfully established a knowledge based economy powered by technology and the aforementioned campaign will ensure similar environment in Pakistan. The Chairman PSHA informed the minister that a Conference will be held that will bring together major entrepreneurs, banks, universities and a huge number of IT companies that will set the agenda and direction towards E-commerce and Digital Pakistan and that the government and Ministry of Commerce should support this conference.

Mr. Khurram Dastagir Khan appreciated the ideas, resolve and efforts of PSHA and assured the delegation of full support and cooperation in this regard. He said that the present government is dedicated to promote IT sector and facilitate it and introduce IT based solutions to boost performance, efficiency and effectiveness of all other sectors. “The Ministry of Commerce is taking keen interest in the propagation and promotion of E-commerce as it is getting more and more attention from entrepreneurs and consumers, both local and international and it will certainly continue to mature in the global market”, added the minister

However, the Ministry of Commerce will coordinate with the ministry of Information Technology and will take on board all the stakeholders to get their feedback and support in this regard before entering in to any formal arrangement with PSHA.