We, the Representatives of  the Member States of the Economic Cooperation Organization  (ECO) namely; the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Kazakhstan, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Republic of Tajikistan met in Islamabad August 18,  2016 on the occasion of the 3rd Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the ECO  Science Foundation, hosted by the Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and  chaired  by His Excellency Mr. Fazal Abbas Maken the Federal Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Reiterate our firm commitment and desire to continue our devoted efforts to make the ECOSF more active, efficient and a result-oriented specialized agency of ECO;

Express our  deep  satisfaction over the holding of the 3rd BoT Meeting of  ECOSF; commend the initiatives & programmes  begun  and the role & status gained by ECOSF in the comity of scientific  and  technological  organizations  and  forums worldwide; express our profound thanks to the Government of the I.R. of Pakistan in  particular,  the  MoST for  making  excellent arrangements for the Meeting and extending warm hospitality to the participants.

Commend the ECOSF IBSE programme for capacity building on delivering quality science education based on  the concept of “inquiry” or critical thinking which is vital in training the minds for understanding the world, through improving Science literacy leading to sustainable development;

Appreciate ECOSF for providing Travel  Grant to the Scientists/Engineers/ Technologists of ECO member states to participate in International S&T Conferences/Workshops; successfully organizing the Meeting/Conference of Eminent Scientists/Experts of ECO Member States to prioritize the focus areas of research for funding under its S&T Fund; developing collaboration with S&T institutions of the member states for organizing scientific activities; continuously tapping various international sources for expansion of ECOSF collaboration particularly, the MoUs signed with The Turkic World Educational and Scientific Cooperation Organization (TWESCO), Kazakhstan and LAMAP Foundation of France;

Emphasize ECOSF to establish a framework of cooperation to explore opportunities to enhance  exchange of scientists, technologists and engineers for participation in S&T activities; strengthen collaborations among R&D organizations & universities ; focus on capacity-building of the scientific  and  technical human  resource  with  emphasis on youth  engagement, foster their talent to increase their innovation capacity by equipping more people with the skills required to contribute to innovation, and by inspiring Young People  to enter innovation-related occupations in the region;

Urge the ECOSF to pursue collaborative programs, with relevant organizations,  to address the priority issues of transfer of technology, Global Warming,  Climate Change, Energy, Environment, Water Harvesting & Conservation and Reuse, Biodiversity Conservation, Food Security, which are all essential for attaining the UN Sustainable Development Goals;

Emphasize on the non-ratifying Member States namely; Republic of Azerbaijan,  Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Turkey, and Republic of Uzbekistan to expedite the process of ECOSF Charter ratification to become active members of the Foundation;

Call  upon all  the ratifying member  states  to  make  their  budgetary  contributions timely for smooth running of the Foundation. Also invite the Member States to make generous voluntary contributions to the “Science and Technology Fund” of the Foundation for initiating joint collaborative research projects in priority areas;

Agree to the need for ECOSF to organize and plan various Regional Conferences on S&T with the assistance of ECO Secretariat, Member States and its international partners and collaborators including UN agencies;

Express our profound thanks to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in particular, the Ministry of Science and Technology for making excellent arrangements for success of the Meeting as well as for extending warm hospitality to the participants.