A meeting chaired by Federal Minister for Law, Justice and Climate change was held at Ministry of Climate Change to discuss and Plan COP-22 Preparations which is going to be held in November 2016.The ambassador of France Ms.Martine Dorance, ambassador of Morocco Mr. Mustapaha Salahdine along representatives, Environmental Protection Agency Punjab, UNDP, Ministry of Water and Power ,Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Climate Change, Provincial Disaster Management Authority (KPK),Environmental Protection Agency (Sindh),Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National University of Science and Technology, Quaid i Azam university ,Islamabad, SDPI, International Union of Conservation of Nature, MET department participated in the meeting.


“We are pleased to share that we constituted an expert team to formulate timely and well researched INDCs. This would help to identify where we stand and what efforts are required for mitigation and adaptation in climate change ” said by the Federal Minister Zahid Hamid.


“We have to learn lessons from COP-21 to actively participate in COP-22.It were a big gathering having participation of officials, private sector, civil society, and media all stake holders participated. Pakistan signed Paris agreement this year in April and taking initiatives for its implementation” highlighted by French ambassador.


The ambassador of Morocco also addressed the participates and said that Morocco has hosted many such events COP-7 in 2001 and Organization of Islamic Countries was born here. We have formulated a steering committee having experts to organize and take care of arrangements of COP-22.He also informed they expect huge participation from Pakistan.

Dr. Bilal Anwer Deputy head of INDC’s expert team gave a presentation on Research underway on INDC’s. He told that we have taken 2015 as base year to calculate INDC,s because a lot of economic activities took place between 2012 to 2015.Economics have been made key factor in INDC’s study. The cost benefit analysis is also being made in the study. He also informed that we are also analyzing mitigation potentials for different sectors. He also highlighted some areas of mitigation included in INDC’s these are improving irrigation through lining of canals and strengthening Risk Management System for agriculture sector. He also informed about some of challenges that includes data gaps and inconsistency being experienced, different growth targets not fully aligned.

He also highlighted that we conducted meeting with Ministries and national institutions and received a positive response.

In the end all participants expressed their opinions that how Pakistan can make strong show casing at COP-22 at side events.