PR No. 139 Islamabad

Minister of State for Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD), Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhry initiated cleanliness and up-gradation drive in PIMS hospital in the presence of PIMS administration, CDA officials and media.

Talking to media the Minister said that in the first phase of this up-gradation drive, two wards of the hospital will be up-graded providing new facilities wherever necessary and refurbishing the rest. Hospital machinery, medical beds, rest rooms and interior of the medical and surgical wards of PIMS will be improved raising them to the international standards which will then become benchmark for the rest of the hospital.


The Minister tasked the administration of the hospital to complete the first phase of up-gradation of hospital within a month. Dr. Tariq directed the administration of PIMS to propose sustainable and durable model of administration in the hospital which could resolve the longstanding issues of the hospitals.


He said that PIMS is the largest hospital in Islamabad catering to more than ten thousand patients of Islamabad and the adjoining cities in a single day. There is an urgent need of resource-management in PIMS and expend resources at the areas where they are most required, he added.


The Minister hinted at bringing the services of philanthropists to up-grade the remaining wards and facilities of the hospital in the future in which the up-graded facility may be named after the donor’s name.


Dr. Tariq approved training for the technicians deputed on sophisticated testing machinery of the hospital on modern lines and sought proposals from the hospital administration to recruit more technical staff.