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Federal Minister for Law, Justice and Climate Change Zahid Hamid held meeting with country director of World Bank in Pakistan Mr. Patchamuthu Illangovan, to discuss Pakistan and Climate Change from a Regional Lens.


“South Asia’s geo-climatic location is between the Himalayas and the Indian Ocean-Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, thus it is vulnerable to climate related disasters caused by Multiple hazards from glacier melting to sea level rise”, said by    Mr.  Patchamuthu

He also discussed and suggested to increase regional cooperation through SAARC platform in upcoming SAARC summit in Pakistan.


Minister Zahid Hamid said, “Pakistan has developed a comprehensive strategy to address Climate Change which identifies policy approaches and implementation pathways for both adaptation and mitigation and these are our essential priority.”


He also mentioned that, “ Government of Pakistan is fully aware of the situation and has taken following steps to cope with the situation, establishment of Climate Change Authority and Climate Change Act, expert study group to formulate INDCs , Development of National Climate Change Policy to ensure Pakistan towards climate resilient development, Establishment of Global Change impact Study Center for conducting climate change related research. And National Disaster management Authority has been established at the federal, provincial and district levels to deal with spectrum of Disaster Management Activities.”


“ We are following through the SAARC platform Thimphu Statement on Regional Cooperation to combat climate change and Dhaka Declaration on Climate Change.” Said by the Federal Minister of Climate Change.


He appreciate the idea of deliberation and said that, “ the Deliberations on areas like blue economy, disaster management, mountainous ecosystem and knowledge/ data sharing at regional level will definitely help to look into new ways of cooperation at regional and national level.”


The director of World Bank Mr. Salman Zaheer and the Regional Adviser of World Bank Mr. Haroon Sharif accompanied Mr. Patchamuthu illangovan the country Director of World Bank during the meeting.