PR No. 41 Islamabad

Minister of State Engr Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman attended the 17th Pure Mathematics Conference 2016 arranged by Preston University, Pakistan Mathematical Society, Advanced Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Islamia university Bahawalpur and Send off Ceremony of students going on scholarship program in Hungary at HEC as a chief guest today.

            Mathematics is playing a significant role in the development of science and technology all over the world and people are benefiting from scientific and technical innovations, said the Minister.  Minister of State congratulated Professor Dr Qaiser Mushtaq and his team for arranging this conference on a regular basis. He said that Pakistan is one of the important countries in the world, therefore she cannot afford to undermine her role in the global affairs in general and science and technology in particular. Since mathematics is like the backbone of science, Pakistan will not lag behind in contributing its share in the development of mathematics.

Minister of State emphasized that it is essential for mathematicians to remain in touch with international mathematicians.  The mathematics which is generated if a mathematician is working in isolation without any solid background and incentive will be backward and unimportant. Mathematics, like other sciences, is a collaborated activity. Our universities should ensure that their mathematical enterprise maintain contact with the international mathematical community through various means, like attending conferences/seminars abroad and inviting foreign mathematicians to attend conferences in Pakistan.

The primary aim of organizing such an activity like a conference is to enhance the understanding of mathematics and to provide opportunity to the working mathematicians to exchange ideas with their colleagues at the national as well as international level. Minister of State assured that he would ask for the increase in the fundings of such conference.  Moreover he said that we should be focusing on the research which is the need of the time and one should stay connected with the new global trend in mathematics and science. He also talked about the contributions made by Muslims scientists and mathematician to science and mathematics. He added that Rs. 36 billion has been granted to HEC from PSDP for research purposes in public sector universities.

Later in the day Minister of State attended the send off ceremony at HEC. 10 PhD level, 20 Masters Level, and 50 Bachelors level students from all over Pakistan are selected for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship research and science exchange program at Hungary. Minister of State congratulated the selected students and said that you all should feel proud to be selected on merit. He mentioned that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his government believe in meritocracy only. He also said that we should learn good things from other countries but one should never forget that we are Pakistanis first. Never ever forget your roots. Moreover he said that I hope and pray that our students would get maximum benefit from this program and would come back with more knowledge and experience and with utter calmness and composure.

Ceremony was attended by the Chairman HEC Dr. Mukhtar and His Excellency Ambassador of Hungary István Szabó.