PR No. 09 Islamabad

Mos Engr Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman chaired the 8th Ipemc (Inter Provincial Education Ministers’ Conference) at Gilgit today. Chief Minister Hafiz Hafizurrehman was the chief guest in the opening session.

Education is the most important thing according to our religion, said the Minister. And we all here to discuss the future of education here. Although education is a devolved subject now and we respect our consitutional decisions but a platform of facilitation was needed and therefore we have started this ipemc to learn from each other, help and share good practices of each others.

Whatever we decide here is decided through the consensus, if any of the province dont agree to any point then house does not approve that particular agenda,  stated the minister.

Minister of State that If we want to be a one nation in true spirits then we need to have a minimum curriculum for all. Therefore we established the National curriculum council to work on natinal curriculum framework.

We approve big things at this platform for example Minimum Education standards have been finalized in 7th ipemc. Revision of National education policy 2009 has been overseed by this auspicious forum, said the minister.

Minister of state said that we believe that access to edu should not be compromised. Things are improving drop out rate has reduced, missing facilities have imoroved, committment to sdgs etc.

As Quaid e Azam said education must be a matter of life and death for us, said the minister. Therefore we are working on national education policy, and provinces have increased their respective education budgets.  Moreover he said that we are going to establish Model teachers training institute in Islamabad on the demand of the provinces.

We have introduced Nazra Quran for class 1st to 5th and its translation from class 6th to class 12th and we would request the provinces to replicate it in their provinces as well, requested the minister.

We all need to learn, tolerate and respect the view points of others, emphasized the minister. Character building is very important component of any education system. Talking about the recent developments Minister of state said that we are trying our level best to bring all maddrassas to mainstream education system in Pakistan. And for that we have reached to a consensus with Ittehad e Tanzeem ul madaris of 5 wafaqs (sects) to introduce the syllabus of federal board in maddrassas. He further added that it is our collective responsibility to educate each and every child of this nation.

We are also working on vocational and technical education, and for that we have established 2 pilot schools in Islamabad, said the minister. 12 new schools will be opened soon, 2 of which will be established in Gilgit Baltistan. We are also going to start Best teacher’s award from Oct 2016.

Minister of state thanked Agha Khan foundation and its likes for their contributions towards the education in Gilgit Baltistan.

In the end, Minister of State thanked the Government of Gilgit Baltistan for their hospitality and warm welcome.