PR No. 43 Islamabad

The National Commission for Human Rights (UNCHR) has taken notice of the recurring atrocities against the innocent people of occupied Kashmir, who are merely demanding their legal rights against commitments made before the United Nations. It is a known fact that the subjugation of these people was a result of a chicanery and circumvention of international law through a profound conspiracy, which began at the time of partition of India and Pakistan. The appointment of the Cripps Border Commission and the unjust transfer of Gurdas Pur in the Punjab before the partition and which led to bloodshed of millions, was meant to achieve the objective of handing over Kashmir to India.


All resolutions of the United Nations and the Security Council condemning the lndian occupation and the atrocities against the innocent people of Kashmir are rendered futile by the lndian diplomacy and intransigency. The world conscience appears to be insensitive to the Kashmir issue, the cause of unrest in this region.


Since the wars, UN resolutions and agitation, by the people of Kashmir have brought no results or mitigation in bloodshed. The only hope left is of making an appeal by the UNCHR to His Holiness the Pope for His holy and benign intervention in stopping the untold miseries committed by the armed forces of India against the helpless people of Kashmir.


The UNCHR makes this appeal to his Holiness the Pope for an early intervention in stopping this bloodshed and limitless massacre.