PR No. 123 Stress the need to improve Quality of Medical Education, Saira Afzal Tarar Islamabad: June 16, 2016

Ms. Saira Afzal Tarar Minister, National Health Services Saira Afzal Tarar, chaired a meeting on quality of medical education in Pakistan in committee room of Ministry of National Health Services Regulation and Coordination. Secretary, M/o NHSRC, DG M/o NHSRC, surgeon general Pakistan army, President PMDC, Vice President PMDC, Dr. Sania Nishter, Federal Member PMDC, VC University of Health Sciences Lahore,Prof. Hafeez Khan dean Khyber medical university, Prof. Eice Muhammad, Dr. Amir Bandesha (Member PMDC), Dr. Ibraar member PMDC, attended the meeting.

Minister, National Health Services Saira Afzal Tarar welcomed all the participants and started consultation by taking their views on the agenda that how medical education can be improved.  After consultation, it was decided that eligibility criteria for public and private sector medical and dental colleges should be strictly followed to avoid the substandard medical education and doctors in the country. Admission policy in medical and dental colleges should be revised.  Public and private medical colleges will induct students on merit policy. Entry test for medical colleges should be centralized at Provincial and Federal level and colleges will follow the merit list issued by their affiliated University after taking entry test exam.

She said, curriculum should be in line of future professional demands of doctors so that they can serve in rural deprived areas.  NEB exam for Foreign Medical Graduates should be standardized and transparent.

She further emphasized that certain measures must be undertaken to meet the faculty deficiencies particularly in Basic Science Subjects to improve quality of medical education. Private sector should be bound to open medical and dental colleges in those locations where there is need of medical and dental colleges. Fee structure in private medical colleges should be strictly monitored by PMDC. Overcharging by students on the name of donation should be checked immediately.

Minister said that there is a need for training of inspectors who inspect the medical colleges and medical teachers should be trained by universities to meet the internationals standards. She said, foreign seats in public and private medical colleges should be filled transparently and PMDC will ensure that there is no misuse of these seats for earning.