PR No .270 Curtain Raiser Organic Food and Health: Avenues of Innovation and Entrepreneurship June 02, 2016 Islamabad

A national workshop on ‘Organic Food and Health: Avenues of Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ is being organized by Pakistan Council for Science & Technology (PCST) on June 02, 2016 at Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) Auditorium, Islamabad. Mr. Fazal Abbas Maken, Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology, will be the chief guest of the ceremony. The ceremony will be graced by a number of dignitaries including Heads of R&D organizations, VC’s of universities, eminent scientists, representatives of foreign missions, international donors, representatives of private sector/industry, civil society and others.

The changing lifestyle and growing stress of modern competitive life has resulted in many health challenges to mankind and under these challenging environments, sustaining good and healthy life is strongly reliant on both our access to heal their products and commitment to healthy eating practices, especially organic food. During the recent past there is renewal of demand for the organic products and the global sales of organic food has noticed six-fold increase during last twenty years. This entails that there will continue to be a widening of gap between demand and supply of the organic products, providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to cater this increased demand. This is strong opportunity for Pakistan which is mostly an agro based economy to tap its due share in the global economy and earn billions in terms of foreign exchange through the export of organic products.

As the topic focuses on improving the quality of life of the common people by creating awareness about organic foods and opportunities of entrepreneurship, the workshop is expected to attract a large number of audiences from different walks of life. Already the response for participation in this workshop is huge and PCST has received nominations from all across the country. PCST hopes that the program will be a high success and will achieve its major objective of sensitizing people on health benefits of organic foods and exploring potential funding opportunities and way forwards for rapid growth of organic food sector.