PR No .264 Islamabad

Mr. Khursheed Ahmad and Ms Naheed Akhtar from NEF (National Education Foundation) presented the syllabus books on technical and vocational education for Grade 6th (for boys and girls) to Minister of State Engr Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman today.

The course books include the chapters on basic tailoring, basic beautician Course, basic cooking, importance of skilled/technical labor force (for girls) and Introduction to electricity, current and  light, basic course on refrigeration and air conditioning, computer and safety (For boys).

Minister of State admired the course material and said that we need to do a lot more in this regard to develop quality curriculum and books on technical and vocational training. It’s just the first step we need to go very far, stated the Minister. The Government has taken measures to promote vocational training and giving people the required skills, in this regard the assistance of international aid agencies has also been sought. In view of the social, political, and economic benefits stemming from greater investment in this sector it is the need of the hour that we take up this challenge with a great zeal and vigor.

Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) lays emphasis on training for a specific career or trade.  The training is mainly related to manual or practical professions and mostly does not involve theoretical and academic skills. It is because of the benefits it provides to the economy and the boost that it gives to development and poverty reduction that, technical education has been made one of the four top priority areas in the education programs launched by UNESCO. Perhaps the biggest advantage of TVET to the economy of a country is that it helps in fighting and alleviating unemployment. In fact, it has also been referred to as the solution to unemployment as it helps in developing the skills of the jobless people so that they can meet the requirements of employers during the recruitment process.