PR No. 102 Farewell call on by Ambassador of Korea Jong Hwan Song to Minister of State Engr Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman at Minister’s Office today. Islamabad

Minister of State lauded the period of service of His Excellency Jong Hwan Song in Pakistan. He said that H.E Jong Hwan Song has been a wonderful ambassador and we would miss him very much. He also wished him well for his future endeavors. Korean Ambassador Jong Hwan Song is getting retired this May, after serving for three years in Pakistan as an ambassador of Korea to Pakistan.

Ambassador of Korea already reminiscing good times here in Pakistan said that he is going to miss Pakistan very much. Pakistan is a great country with so much potential to become next “Asian Tiger”, said the Ambassador. He said that he is going to be retired now but would love to act as an goodwill ambassador of Pakistan in Korea. Talking about the education, he said that we have 800 students from Pakistan studying in Korea on different scholarships. He also told about the hospital project which is going to be built in Bahawalpur with the help of Punjab Government. Moreover he said that Pakistan and Korea enjoy good relations with each other and we would love to strengthen this bond further.

Ambassador of Korea has traveled in 30 cities of Pakistan. I saw Pakistani movie “Shah” on the life of Hussain Shah, the boxer, said the Ambassador. I can very well relate to this movie because this movie gives hope and courage to stand up for your dreams. I wish Pakistan well and would love to see Pakistan to progress in near future.

In the end, Minister of State thanked H.E and exchanged souvenirs with each other.

Meeting was attended by the Federal Secretary and Joint education Advisor.