PR No.162 “Ministry Of Climate Change Is Ready To Extend Its Support To Provinces To Combat Predicted Heat Wave In Summer”, Said By Federal Minister For Climate Change Zahid Hamid Islamabad, April 20, 2016

The heat waves issue that took lives of more than 1000 people in Karachi in 2015 is predicted this year as well. Media is warning again and again to take precautionary measures to counter this issue. Ministry of Climate Change informed all provinces to prepare themselves against upcoming heat wave issue through the letters sent on 12thApril, 2016.

The domain of Ministry of Climate Change is limited to coordination and facilitation. The powers to implement and take practical actions against any calamity rests with the provinces.

Last year Ministry of Climate Change took pro-active approach to investigate the heat wave issue and constituted a committee comprising of experts of this issue. A timely report was issued by the experts included Dr. Qamar uz Zaman Chaudhry, Dr. Ghulam Rasool, Ahmed Kamal, Munir Ahmed Mangrio and Shabaz Mahmood. This was based on thorough research containing causes, effects and recommendations to avoid such situation in future.

The suggestions included:

Capacity of individuals and communities may be built to respond to the heat stress during heat waves by raising heat health awareness campaign in the country before the onset of a heat waves season.

Subjects on disaster due to different natural hazards and their management may be included in the curriculum at schools and college levels.

Green spaces may be increased by tree plantation in the city on emergency basis.

The heat island effect can be counteracted slightly by using white or reflective materials to build houses, roofs, pavements and roads, thus increasing the overall albedo of the city.

Green roofs are another method of decreasing the urban heat islands effect. Green roof is the practice of having vegetation on a roof. The plants that are on the roof increase the albedo and decrease the urban heat island effect.

Proper town planning rules and regulations may be observed for all on going and in future townships.

Cool centers” facilitated with drinking water, fans etc may be established at public places and along the main avenues, beside protection and development of tree shaded rest areas.


This report was presented in front of media in a press conference conducted by Ex. Federal Minister for Climate Change Mushahidullah Khan. This report suggested all provinces many actions counter this issue in future and provided a strategy to be implemented. This report is available on the website of Ministry of Climate Change. All the provinces are conveyed again to implement the recommendations of this report to avoid any heat wave issue in future.