PR No.194 Islamabad: March 21, 2017

113th meeting of Permanent Indus Commission has been held on 20-21 March, 2017 at Islamabad. In the meeting discussions were held on India’s proposed Miyar, Lower Kalnai and Pakal Dul hydropower projects as well as on matters pertaining to exchange of data and conducting tours and meetings of Indus Commission.

On Miyar hydropower project, India has withdrawn its design after Pakistan had made objections on it in the previous meetings of the commission. On the other two projects discussions were held on Pakistan’s prior objections relating to pondage and freeboard of Lower Kalnai and freeboard and spillway of Pakal Dul Hydropower projects. Indian side has agreed to re-consider Pakistan’s observations on these projects and will respond in the next meeting of the Commission.

Indian side also agreed to tour of inspection for Pakistan’s Indus Commission which is expected to be arranged before August 2017. Pakistan’s side demanded from India to provide the outflows from Baglihar and Salal dams (on Chenab river) during flood season to issue flood early warnings. Indian side has agreed to consider Pakistan’s request and it is expected that India would start providing the required data starting from the coming flood season