PR No. 136
Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi meets Chinese Ambassador
Islamabad: 16, June 2024

Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi met Chinese Ambassador Jiang Zaidong at Chinese Embassy. On his arrival, he was warmly welcomed by the Chinese Ambassador. During the meeting, the recent Prime Minister's recent visit to China, further promotion of Pakistan-China relations and the security measures taken for the protection of Chinese citizens were discussed in detail. Interior Minister while talking to the Chinese ambassador said that recent visit of the Prime Minister has further strengthened the friendship between the two countries. He highlighted that the President, Prime Minister and top leadership of China have always supported Pakistan. He outlined the measures for protecting Chinese citizens across Pakistan and discussed the security plan for Chinese engineers and staff working on CPEC and other projects. Interior Minister said that comprehensive and effective SOPs have been made for the security of Chinese citizens and a separate force SPU is being established in Islamabad for the protection of foreign nationals. Interior Minister emphasized that the protection of our Chinese brothers working for the Pakistan's progress and development is topmost priority of the Government. He stressed that no one can create a rift in everlasting friendship of Pakistan and China, and any conspiracy against it will be defeated. While expressing his satisfaction with the security arrangements the Chinese Ambassador said that Pakistan and China are all weathers friends and China attaches great importance to it's relations with Pakistan. Secretary Interior Khurram Ali Agha and senior officials of the Chinese Embassy were also present on the occasion.