PR No. 30
Coordinator to the PM on Health, Regulations & Coordination, Dr. Malik Mukhtar Ahmed met with Dy.representative of UNFPA.Population explosion challenge surpasses, Public health and welfare are top priorities, Dr. Malik Mukhtar Ahmed, PM coordinator on health services,regulations & coordination.
Islamabad: April 03, 2024

Common masses need to be enlightened regarding the overwhelming challenge of population explosion as the welfare of the population is our top priority. These views were expressed by thecoordinatorr to the Prime Minister on HSR&C, Dr. Malik Mukhtar Ahmed, in a significant meeting with the Deputy Representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA),Ms. Latika Maskey Pradhan at Ministry of Health, Islamabad. The meeting was also attended by Dr.jameel , programme specialist, UNFPA, Dr. Shabana, DG population, along with other senior officers of the Ministry. The meeting underscored the crucial issues related to family planning, child and maternal nutrition, and the challenges posed by population explosion. Stressing the need for family planning , the coordinator on HSR&C, Dr. Malik Mukhtar Ahmed, expressed that we couldn't impose the family planning, but we would educate the common man regarding its impacts on him and his family. He said that the Ministry of Health & UNFPA would collaborate to organise a conference on the issue and would come out with the recommendations that would help the common man to understand the negative impacts of overpopulation. Dr Malik Mukhtar Ahmed, also referred to the world reports that pakistan would become a water scarce country by 2030 due to its ever increasing population. Dy. Representative, UNFPA, acknowledged government interest and actions to avert the challenges concerning to public health , unwanted pregnancies, and overpopulation. She reiterated that UNFPA would extend all its support and cooperation to the government to implement evidence-based interventions aimed at reducing unintended pregnancies. This includes promoting awareness campaigns and strengthening healthcare systems to provide quality reproductive health services.