PR No. 102
Islamabad: February 21, 2024

Federal Minister Madad Ali Sindhi chaired the steering committee meeting of NAVTTC today on 21st February, 2024. The meeting was attended by chairperson NAVTTC Ms. Gulmina Bilal Ahmed in addition with senior officials from Ministry of Education. Madad Ali Sindhi said that this was the second meeting of NAVTTC steering committee under his tenure as minister. He pointed out that this is also the second meeting in five years. He highlighted the importance of this committee and urged the upcoming government to give it due importance as well. Madad Ali said that in the last meeting he had increased the quota of women which has been implemented and today he has directed the chairperson to increase the disability and transgender quota as well in all NAVTTC programs. Madad Ali said that the domain of NAVTTC should be increased to provinces as well. He said that it would be prudent to include universities in increasing the scope of NAVTTC as well. Madad Ali also took notice of and expressed great displeasure at the absence of Secretary Education Punjab and Sindh.