PR No. 146
ISLAMABAD: November 20, 2023

Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) for Human Rights and Women Empowerment has made it clear that enough is enough, the world need to take a firm and united stand to safeguard and protect the children, as Gaza and Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) are becoming graveyards for children, who have been the worst victims of the two unsettled land disputes pending for the last over seven-decades. Mushaal, who is also wife of an incarcerated senior Kashmiri Hurriyat leader Mohammad Yasin Malik, in a video message on the International day of Children on Monday, said: “Let's make a pledge not to forget the oppressed children of Gaza and IIOJK and protect them from massacring at the hands of their brutal and inhuman aggressors Israeli and Indian forces.” She contended that Israeli forces and Indian forces were killing children in Gaza and IIOJK at an unfathomable rate, adding that over the past 40 days, Israeli forces have murdered more than 5,000 children in Gaza, besides 1,800 children are missing under the rubble of destroyed buildings. Similarly, Mushaal said that Kashmiri children had been abducted, harassed and killed mercilessly by Indian troops, adding that the situation had even further deteriorated after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35a in the occupied valley. She revealed that 919 children were among around 100,000 people martyred by Indian brutal forces since January 01, 1989, rendering about 200,000 children orphaned in the occupied territory. She reminded that India was signatory of international conventions and treaties for the protection of children but Indian state did not have any regard for international conventions, adding that there were draconian laws of Public Safety Act PSA and Armed Forces Special Power Act AFSPA, which added fuel to the fire because these acts safeguarded the heinous crimes of Indian troops against innocent Kashmiri youth. She stated that Palestinian and Kashmiri children lives were matter; hence it was high time to stand up and speak up against the genocidal acts and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and Kashmiris by notorious supremacist Indian and Zionist Israeli regimes. The SAPM for Human Rights and Women Empowerment stressed the need that the world powers and UN bodies should not watch the expanding graveyards of Palestinian and Kashmiri children as mute spectators of but they should wake up, raise their voices and take tangible steps to stop the atrocities against the Palestine and Kashmiri people predominantly children forthwith. Mushaal expressed great shock over the shameful violation of child rights and war crimes being committed against Palestinian and Kashmiri children, adding that ironically, instead of launching collective and universal initiatives for the welfare and betterment of children, the world was still silently witnessing heinous and gruesome acts of barbarity and violence against children in Gaza and IIOJK. She appealed to the world powers, international community and human rights organizations to realize the pain and sufferings of the Palestinian and Kashmiri children and take steps on war-footing basis to ensure the protection of the rights and life of Palestinian and Kashmiri children.