PR No.202 PRESS RELEASE Federal Health Minister Dr. Nadeem Jan Inaugurates Environmental Friendly Incinerator in Islamabad Islamabad: September 25, 2023

In a major step toward enhancing healthcare waste management Dr. Nadeem Jan, Federal Health Minister inaugurated a state of the art Environmental Friendly Incinerator for hospital waste. This cutting-edge facility marks a significant milestone in Pakistan’s commitment to both public health and environmental stewardshipsaid Dr. Nadeem Jan while speaking on the occasion. In the light of Pakistan’s national environment commitments we are taking action for climate change and its impacts said Dr. Nadeem Jan during the inauguration Ceremony of Environmental Friendly Incinerator at Community Health Centre, Kirpa Islamabad. Dr. Nadeem Jan stated that with the increasing demand for safe and effective waste disposal solutions, Ministry of National Health Services recognized the urgent need for a facility that adheres to the highest standards of environmental sustainability. This advanced incinerator employs the latest technology to minimize emissions and reduce the impact on our environment. It complies with stringent environmental regulations, ensuring that our surroundings remain pristine he said.Proper disposal of immunization hospital waste is paramount to preventing the spread of diseases and safeguarding public health. The new incinerator guarantees the safe destruction of hazardous waste materials the Minister added. The daily waste generation of infectious waste in Islamabad is 4000-5000kg including EPI waste. The incinerator would incinerate 150kg/hr and a total of 1000kg waste would be incinerated daily.Govt of Pakistan, as per its National Environment policy is committed to being at the forefront of responsible healthcare waste management. The ceremony was informed that Federal Directorate of Immunization under the Ministry of National Health Services now ensures full compliance with local, national, and international waste disposal regulations, underscoring our dedication to legal and ethical standards.The incinerator captures and harnesses energy generated during the waste disposal process, leading to energy savings and reduced reliance on non-renewable resources. This commitment to sustainability aligns with our broader going green initiatives. We aim to inspire others in our industry to adopt eco-conscious practices for the benefit of all. Responsible waste management contributes to global efforts to mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution.Effective recycling and waste management in immunization will not only reduce environmental impact but also contribute to the overall safety of healthcare workers, children, parents and the community. Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Kazi, DG, FDI thanked the Federal Health Minister Dr. Nadeem Jan and all other stakeholders for being a part of this initiative. Dr. Kazi stated that investment in this environmentally friendly incinerator for immunization hospital waste reflects unwavering dedication to delivering healthcare services of the highest quality while upholding the principles of environmental sustainability. We look forward to leading by example in the healthcare industry and making a positive impact on the community he said.