PR No.131 Health Minister convenes meeting to discuss urgent measures for Polio eradication Islamabad: September 16, 2023

Health Minister Dr. Nadeem Jan met Chief Secretary of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Nadeem Aslam Chaudhry and Inspector General of KP Police Akhtar Hayat Khan Gandapur to discuss pressing concerns on endemic wild poliovirus transmission in South Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A comprehensive strategy is currently being deployed in Southern KP to curb wild poliovirus transmission. With the grave concerns of the situation, a coordinated and targeted approach has been urgently formulated for these high-risk areas with top experts placed in Bannu. Two children have been paralyzed by polio in Pakistan this year. Both boys belong to Bannu, southern KP. For these high-risk areas, a coordinated and targeted approach has been urgently formulated, with top experts stationed in Bannu to achieve the target of wild poliovirus interruption by December 2023, the minister said. The province is gearing up to launch three effective polio campaigns. “Frontline workers are the true champions of our programme," Dr Jan said during his meeting, emphasizing their relentless work even under challenging conditions. Their unwavering commitment to safeguarding children from the polio disease doesn't go unnoticed, he added. Acknowledging the potential risks, the Chief Secretary said: "Protecting the lives of our polio workers is paramount. Strict security measures will be in place during these campaigns." He further assured foolproof security arrangements across the province. Reiterating the government's resolve, the minister said: "We remain steadfast in our mission to eradicate polio. This commitment extends across borders, with an integrated strategy developed in collaboration with Afghanistan to control the cross-border spread of the virus.”