PR No.21 “Pakistan Is Conscious Of Its Obligations After Paris Agreement”, Said By Federal Minister For Climate Change Zahid Hamid Islamabad: March 3, 2016

Federal Minister for Climate Change Zahid Hamid held meeting with the delegation of The Agence Francaise De Department. AFD is a public developing bank owned by the French government and in charge of funding and implementing developing projects in Pakistan. Its mandate is to fully focus on energy sector including renewable energy and energy efficiency. AFD is committed to support green energy in Pakistan which will contribute to the reduction of the energy crises.

Prime Minister has directed to develop comprehensive plan to combat Climate Change “, said by Federal Minister.

“Pakistan has gone to number 8th from 10th in the ranking of worst climate change hit countries in last 20 years” ,informed by Federal Minister.

“We are planning to bring legislation changes and adaptation plans to combat climate Change. Pakistan is first country to have its parliament on solar energy .We are also planning to get reliable estimates through expert studies to know where we stand in carbon emissions”, said by Federal Minister.

“Prime Minister has great concerns over climate change issues and this ministry has complete backing by Prime Minister”,highlighted by the federal Minister.

The delegation included Mr.Pascal Pacaut, Head of Asia Department, AFD Paris office,Mr.Jacky Amprou-Country Director ,AFD Pakistan Office ,Mr.Frederic Contin-Regional Coordinator For Pakistan and Afghanistan and Mr.Nauman Bhutta-Team Leader,AFD Pakistan office.

Both Sides agreed to cooperate and invest to counter climate change issues.