PR No. 117 President urges Pakistani students to learn and apply artificial intelligence to compete in the world of IT. Islamabad: March 18, 2023

President Dr. Arif Alvi has urged Pakistani students to learn and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to compete in the modern IT industrial era. He said that there was ample space in the field of IT that can be filled up by Pakistani youth to contribute to the economic prosperity of the country. The President expressed these views while addressing the conference" titled Traditional & Non Traditional Security Imperatives for Pakistan, at the University of Karachi, on Saturday. The Vice Chancellor of Karachi University Dr. Khalid M. Iraqi, the executive Director CISSS Ambassador Qazi Khaliullah and the Chairperson International Relations Department Karachi University Dr. Shaista Tabasum, the teachers and stu­dents were also present in large numbers on the occasion. President Dr Arif Alvi stated that to establish a healthy and balanced so­ciety, people should have basic education and health facilities. He underscored the need to prioritise our decisions while making decisions in daily life or policy making, we must keep so­cial and societal needs, problems, and attitudes in mind. The President said that there were 9 million births in Pakistan each year, 50% of which are unintentional. Through proper planning, infor­mation, and provision of facilities, not only can the growing population be controlled, but it is also possible to solve the health problems of wom­en they suffer during pregnancy. He stat­ed that the natural resources alone are not sufficient for a country's prosperity, but natural resources along with intellectual resources are important to utilize them efficiently. Nature has bless­ed us as a nation with enormous abilities, but that due to a lack of prop­er utilisation of these re­sources and abilities, we have fallen behind our neighbouring countries in the race for develop­ment in every field of life, he further added. President Arif Alvi applauded the efforts of Pakistani government and the public the way they fought COVID-19 smartly. He stated that the democracy is the best way to strengthen the country, and in this regard, he appealed to the participants to take their active part in Pakistani Politics to bring change with their votes. Earlier, the Vice Chancellor Dr. Khalid M. Iraqi, The Executive Director CISSS Ambassador Qazi Khaliullah, and the Chairperson International Relations Karachi University Dr. Shaista Tabasum also spoke on the occasion and enlightened the participants with their knowledge on the subject.