The newly posted Secretary Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Mr. Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui held introductory meeting with the officers of the Ministry and heads of various Departments/Corporations. At the outset he lauded the efforts of the officers of the Ministry of Information and said that he would like to lead the team of officers in an effective manner to carry out the policies of the Government. He highlighted the importance of the Ministry and its organizations in relation to the working of the Government, expectation of the people and image of the country. He stressed on the need for proactive, efficient and transparent working at all levels in the Ministry and its departments.

He said that the Ministry of Information and its various departments are historically very important and all of us have attachment with these organizations including Pakistan Television Corporation and Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation. The Secretary said that he will visit various organizations and provide confidence and guidance to the respective team members.

The Secretary outlined the challenging needs of media relationship and urged to develop a cordial environment with the professionals in this field. The Secretary said that he would like to speed up the pace of work and with the help of concerned officers resolve outstanding issues. He said that he would be accessible for any guidance, help and policy.

The Secretary comforted the officers of the Information Group by saying that they are colleagues and assets. He said that their concerns would be addressed to his best possible ability.  He said that they would move as a team to come up to the expectation of the Government and meet the trust reposed in them by working in an objective, honest and competent manner.

He also stressed the need to speed up pace of development projects and up lifting the working level of the Ministry’s organizations.

The Secretary said that media is an essential component of our lives and system who have an important role in promoting the cause of nation towards peace, stability and ethics.

The Secretary IB&NH said that he would have detailed briefing of each department of the Ministry soon. He further said that efforts would be geared up to build positive image of Pakistan abroad. He said the performance of press officers posted abroad would be actively and duly monitored in this regard.

He thanked the officers and heads of Department/Corporation for attending the meeting.