PR No.104
PM's aide Malik Amin pledges to work towards country's environmental-sustainability
Islamabad: June 10, 2021

Special Assistant ro PM on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam has said that Pakistan is committed to global efforts aimed to mitigate global warming-causing carbon emissions by adopting sustainable and environmental-friendly practices in various socio-economic sectors. "Pakistan's carbon emission reduction efforts were launched soon after the incumbet governmebt came intonpower as part of PM Imean Khan's vision for climate-resilient and clean green Pakistan" he recalled. Addressing a seminar on "Climate Change and Enhanced Nationally-Determined Contributions" at a local hotel held here today, the PM's aide told the participants of thw event that country's largest-ever afforestation programme og 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Programme, Recharge Pakistan Programme, Protected Areas Initiatives, launch US$ 500 green Euro bond for nature-debt-swap, introduction of elevtric vehicle policyband implementation of various reneable eneegy projects and abandoning of coal power plants are clear manifestation of the unfailing commitment of Imran Khan's government towards global climate action to sustain the planet earth and all living-beings on it. Malik Amin Aslam also highlighted the country's vulnerabity to the adverse imoacts of global emergency. “We are already facing the exacerbating impacts of global warming on our glaciers, which is a source of 60 percent of our water supply,” he said adding that their meltdown has led to water shortages, with provinces blaming each other for water theft. “Currently we have provinces quarrelling over water shortages and if we are unable to manage efficiently it today, it will have a far-reaching impact in future,” the PM's aide said. He stressed the need to educate children on climate change and the importance of trees and said that it would help in addressing environmental issues in the future. He highlighted that greater responsibility rests with the teachers to educate the children about the importance of plantation. “If we achieve the plantation target of 10 billion saplings in the country, it will have a positive impact in future,” Malik Amin said while spelling out the present government’s flagship initiative to establish 15 national parks to boost the ecosystem restiration drive. He indicated that Pakistan’s carbon emission share is minuscule, nearly one percent; neverthless it has decided to take various green initiatives to offset the delitirious socio-economic consequences of global warming. Malik Amin also said that one billion trees were planted in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in a period of five years from 2013 to 2018. He added that another one billion trees have also been planted in different parts of the country under the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami project, which reflects his governments commitment to global green agenda and climate action. Malik Amin pointed out that local communities were also be involved for the protection of forests, adding that backbone of the timber mafia has been broken in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincve with the help of forest guards which aidrd spike in the probince's forest cover. Besides, he said that Recharge Pakistan is also being initiated with the purpose to restore wetlands and improve the water table. He highlighted that the incumbent government has also commited to itself to produce 60 percent energy from renewable sources by 2030 while 30 percent of all vehicles would be transferred to electricity as part of efforts to limit emissions by the timeframework. He also urged the various stakeholders from governmental and non-governmental sectors to join his government's the mega afforestation programme of 10 Billion Tree to make it a success story that woule have a positive impacts not only on the lives of the people, but also on environment of the country and its economy. Earlier, Ditector-General of the World Wide Fund for Naturw - Pakistan (WWF) Hammad Naqi Kham lauded PM Imran Khan's green agenda and his government's various world-acclaimed green initiatives, particulaly Rrcharge Pakistan Programme and 10 Billion Tree afforedtation programme. He said that these green initiatives will go a long way in helping Pakistan's efforts achieve resilience against delitirious impacts of climate change, particualy floods, and erratic rainfall patterns on socio-economic sector.