PR No.102

We will work in close coordination to save our future generations from menace of drugs- Akbar Durrani
Islamabad: June 10, 2021

The Secretary for Narcotics Control, Akbar Durrani (TI)/PAS had a meeting with the Honorable Vice Chancellor of Quaid e Azam University Islamabad, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali. The two discussed in detail the issue of eradication of drugs from educational institutions. "The increased consumption of drugs amongst our youth is alarming" the Secretary said while addressing his concerns regarding the matter. He further discussed how the Ministry of Narcotics Control is undertaking measures to ensure that maximum number of people are aware of the consequences of drug abuse. The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali agreed with the Secretary and said that the university is taking strict measures to discourage the use of drugs and is working hard to achieve drug free campus status. Mr. Akbar Durrani appreciated the efforts of university to counter drug abuse and also thanked the university administration for being very forthcoming and cooperative with the Ministry of Narcotics Control in its anti drug campaign. The two discussed in detail about how they can further enhance this cooperation and what measures can be taken to save the future generations from drug abuse. The Vice Chancellor appreciated the efforts of the Ministry of Narcotics Control to achieve drug free society. "It is a national cause; we should all work together and play our role in eliminating drugs from our country" the Secretary said. The meeting concluded with exchange of souvenirs between the two and a promise to work together in order to achieve the goal of drug free society.