Mr. Mamnoon Hussain President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Address to the “Joint Services Parade on Pakistan Day” (Islamabad: March 23, 2018)

• H.E Maithripala Sirisena, President of Sir Lanka,
• Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Prime Minister of Pakistan,
• Ministers, Parliamentarians,
• Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Services Chiefs,
• Ambassadors and Military Officers from friendly countries,
• Parade Commander, Participants of Parade---and
• My Dear Pakistani brethren!
23rd March is a unique day in our history. On this day our forefathers resolved to become the masters of their own destinies. This was to be done by establishing a modern, strong and democratic state. Pakistan Resolution truly reflects our deep national & historical aspirations and desires. On this day, we pay rich tribute to our leaders, elders, martyrs and heroes who rendered great sacrifices for the realization of our dreams. Today, close friends are also participating in Pakistan Day celebrations. The nation warmly welcomes the Guest of Honour, President of Sri Lanka H.E Maithripala Sirisena who is especially visiting Pakistan to participate in this event. We also warmly welcome the troops of Turkey, Jordan and UAE participating in this parade. Our friendships and cooperation are for the promotion of international peace and stability and they will be strengthened in the days to come. These thoughts are also the basis of our foreign policy. We extend the message of goodwill to the opponents of peace and stability and we make it clear that our intentions may not be misconstrued.
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen!
The goal of national and regional development can only be achieved in the environment of peace and by refraining from all kind of aggression, expansionism, exploitation and interference in the internal affairs of others. Pakistan is committed to this principle and expects the international community to follow the same principles. Following the spirit, Pakistan Army has been and still making historic contributions in maintaining peace and order in various parts of the world under the auspices of the United Nations.
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Pakistan has played a momentous role in establishing peace and writ of the government in Afghanistan which will be continued in collaboration with our friends and all stakeholders. Current regional situation is the result of a changing world order. The international political system has not remained unipolar anymore. This era demands that one should move forward by subscribing to the principle of peaceful coexistence and keeping in consideration the legitimate interests of the others. On the contrary, the desire to impose supremacy on a nation or country against its will can jeopardise the international peace. Despite the ground realities, I feel concerned that our eastern neighbour is constantly increasing its military might. The innocent citizens are being subjected to the loss of life and property through unprovoked aggression on the Line of Control and Working Boundary, thus putting the regional peace at stake. I call upon our neighbour to desist from repression of the indigenous freedom movement. The only solution of the Kashmir issue is the exercise of the right of self-determination by its people through a plebiscite in accordance with the resolutions of the UN. Pakistan will continue to play its due role in this regard.
Ladies and Gentlemen!
War like situation and changes happening in the region for the last three decades destroyed the regional peace and stability. These events also immensely affected Pakistan. Armed forces took this challenge with determination and courage. Peace has been restored through operations Zarb-e-Azb and Radd-ul-Fasaad. The entire nation acknowledges these efforts and sacrifices. In recognition of this commitment and devotion to the motherland I, announce a new medal “Tamgha-e-Azm” for the armed forces and the law enforcing agencies. As a result of these sacrifices the law and order situation has returned to normalcy and economic indicators have improved. It is satisfactory to note that our democratic institutions are functional and discharging their duties within the limits defined by the Constitution. Two elected governments have completed their tenure. In this regard, if some segments of the society have certain reservations, it is imperative to pay due attention so that the process of successes in various fields including the fight against terrorism could be continued.
Ladies & Gentlemen and My Brave Soldiers!
I would like to congratulate the Commander, participants, local administration and district government on organizing this remarkable parade. We are proud of the professionalism and efficiency of our officers and soldiers. I advise our brave officers and soldiers to keep on performing their Constitutional duties with same bravery, honesty and integrity for the security and defence of the country and nation. They will find all of their countrymen by their side in the discharge this sacred duty. Insha Allah
My prayers are with you.
May Allah protect us all! Ameen!
Long Live Armed Forces of Pakistan,
Long Live Pakistan!