Publicity Officers

S# Name & Designation Name of Minister/MOS Portfolio Email Phone No Mobile No
1 Mr. Zaka Ullah Information Officer Mr. Farrukh Habib M/o Information & Broadcasting zakauet@gmail.com 0345-9503188
2 Ch. Muhammad Arshad Information Officer M/o Religious Affairs arschad76@yahoo.com 0333-5124057
3 Ms. Nazia Usmani Information Officer M/O Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) naziausmaniofficial@gmail.com 03234626914
4 Ali Shehzad Deputy Director M/O Information & Broadcasting 03226525701
5 Ms. Lala Rukh Information Officer M/o Narcotics Control lalarukh.isa@gmail.com 0333-4859452
6 Mr. Sajid Hussain Shah Information Officer M/o National Health Services Regulation & Coordination sajidshahpro@gmail.com 0300-6305306
7 Mr. Afzaal Zeb Assistant Information Officer i) M/o Federal Education & Professional Training
ii) M/o National History and Literary Heritage Division