PR No. 121 Islamabad, April 12, 2017

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister/MOS for Law and Justice Zafarullah Khan has sent legal notice to Daily Dunya Newspaper (Dunya Group) in response to their false, libelous and defamatory news item, published in their newspaper namely ‘Daily Dunya” on 06-04-2017, regarding his views on prohibition of alcohol in the Holy Quran.

Zafarullah Khan said that in the said news item, a false statement i.e “Alcohol is not prohibited in the Quran” was attributed to him whereas, no such statement was made by him. He further said that these publications are utterly false and fabricated and present a totally false and absolutely fictitious account of the facts.

SAPM/MOS said that he is a devout Muslim who believes in the teachings of Islam as enunciated in the Holy Quran and Sunnah and as explained by the great Islamic Scholars. He considers all types of ‘sharab’ as Haram (prohibited) as so declared by the Quran and Sunnah and believes that it is punishable by Hadd as prescribed by Islam. He also believes that the Holy Quran has prohibited sharab and its punishment has been prescribed by the Hadiths, which are valid source of Islamic Law. Furthermore, he follows the consensus (Ijma) as agreed by established schools of fiqh in this regard.

Zafarullah Khan said that the news agency must Publish a comprehensive and proper apology and retraction in two English daily newspapers and two Urdu daily newspapers of a nation-wide circulation, and also to publish their apology and retraction in the same manner and with the same prominence as the earlier publication.