PR No.191 Islamabad: April 23rd, 2018

A digital cutting ceremony for inauguration first zig zag kiln of Pakistan was organized at Ministry of Climate Change .Federal Minister for climate Change Senator Mushahidullah Khan was the chief guest of the event. Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Mushahidullah Khan said while talking to owners of brick kilns from all over Pakistan It is indeed an honor for me to be part of this historic initiative that the brick kiln sector which was supposed to be only famous for its black smoke pollution through chimneys has become environment conscious and is ready to bring green revolution by changing the conventional brick kilns designs to energy efficient Zig-Zag kilns. He further highlighted that the conversion will ensure better working conditions of labor and surrounding community, help in reduction of coal consumption upto 30-40% per kiln but will also reduce up to 80 % Particulate matter (PM) emission, 20 – 30 % less GHG emissions, will ensure more profit for brick owners due to high proportion of quality bricks and almost double increase in production. He highly appreciated that due to the dedicated efforts of President and General Secretary Brick Kiln Association, DG-Irfan Tariq of Ministry of Climate Change, Manager Technical-Asad Mahmood of National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (NEECA) Ministry of Energy (Power Division), Ms. Bidya and Dr. Jasra from International Center for Integrated Mountains & Development (ICIMOD) and representatives of other stakeholders like Federal and Punjab EPAs, the Pakistani Brick Kiln owners Mr.Ikram, Mr.Islam,Mr.Tayab and Mr.Abdul Haq were able to take the self-initiative for setting the trend of Zig-Zag kilns construction in Pakistan with limited and intermittent technical support which is highly commendable. Apart from construction of Zig-Zag Kilns, the operation of such kilns also require special expertise and for that MoCC & NEECA will make sure that ICIMOD depute their trainers as soon as possible to mitigate the operational risks to get the desired results. He also emphasized that there are about 18,000 operational brick kilns throughout Pakistan and the primary fuel of about 15,000 brick kilns is local coal. The conversion of all the kilns to Zig-Zag kiln seems ideal but not impossible. The Government will try its level best to address the needs of the brick kiln owners association for ensuring sufficient financial and technical support to be given to the brick kiln owners who are willing to change their brick kilns to Zig-Zag design. The retrofitting will also help in addressing the smog issues in Pakistan. Ministry of Climate Change and National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority with Green Climate Fund has already prepared a project amounting USD 1 million on Greening of Brick kiln Sector of Pakistan covering various components for submission to Global Environment Facility and other financial resources shall also be explored to train local skilled manpower for smooth operations of kilns. Excelleny Ms. Sewa lamsal Adhikari Ambassador of Nepal to Pakistan also emphasized that Nepal will provide all support to kiln owners to move towards environment friendly kilns. The event was attended by Shoaib Khan Niazi Sb. President All Pakistan Brick Kiln Owners Association, Her Managing Director & Chief National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority, Association members, media representatives and government officers. *-*-*-*-*