PR No.113 CDWP approved 34 projects worth Rs. 365.492 billion out of which five projects worth Rs. 333.179 billion were referred to ECNEC for further proceeding. Islamabad, March 19, 2018

Central Development Working Party meeting was held under the chairmanship of Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Mr. Sartaj Aziz whereas Secretary Planning Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Siddique accompanied the deputy chairman planning commission. Senior officials from federal and provincial governments participated in the meeting. The projects presented for approval includes energy, transport & communications, physical planning & housing, science & technology, information and technology, food and agriculture, industries & commerce, health and mass media. In energy sector, Project titled “Implementation of integrated solution to improve productivity and control in NTDC by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system” of worth Rs. 2919.12 Million was approved by CDWP. 3 projects were presented out of which one project was approved and 2 were referred to ECNEC for further approval. In transport & communications section, CDWP approved two projects and one project was referred to ECNEC. CDWP approved projects include Airport Security Force Accommodation at New Islamabad Airport and Widening of SperaRagha Road from Khanozai Cross to Loralai and Killa Saifullah. In water section, similarly three projects were presented out of which two were approved by CDWP and one project of Diamer Basha Dam was referred to ECNEC for approval. Project titled “ Construction of J-Head Spur at RD 20000 & Guide Head Spur at RD 25000 Maggasson Branch, Muzaffarabad” of worth Rs. 513.339 Million and “ Monitoring the Seawater intrusion along Sindh and Balochistan” of worth Rs. 650.056 Million In Physical Planning & Housing section, six projects and two position papers were presented out of which four projects were approved by CDWP and two were deferred. Projects approved are titled “Construction of 05 (for 100 men each) Police Barracks near K block in Islamabad”, “Construction of admin block Quarters, Guard, barracks and horse stable and parade ground in Diplomatic Enclave Islamabad”, “ Land acquisition and site development for PIDE for constructing new campus” and “ Construction of judicial and Admin complex in Islamabad”. The total cost of the approved projects is Rs. 4734.599 Million. In Science and Technology section, 11 projects were presented out of which 9 projects were approved by CDWP. The total worth of these projects is Rs. 12177.542 million. The approved projects include “Uplifting of Academic and Infrastructure facilities at Hazara University”, ”Establishment of Engineering faculty at Karakorum international University”, “Pak-Sri Lanka Higher Education Program”, “International Law Graduate Scholarship for Baluchistan”, “Prime Minister electric wheel chair scheme for university students” and Establishment of Technical training Centre for Precession Mechanics and instrument technology. In education sector, 2 projects were presented and approved. The total cost of these projects is Rs. 3487.817. The approved projects are titled “provision of quality education to the Students of Baluchistan in FATA” and Construction of Primary section at GDA school in Gwadar. In Health Section, 3 projects were presented, out of which two project of worth Rs 820.890 million were approved. The projects are titled “Up Gradation of Health Facilities as CGH RWP by making all departments Functional” and “purchase of electro medical equipment for newly constructed 200 bed hospital for Pak rangers Punjab”. In Mass Media section, three project of worth Rs. 639.135 were approved by the CDWP. The approved projects are titled “ Construction of Boxing Gymnasium at Karachi” , “ Construction of Gymnasium at Quetta” , “ Modernisation of Camera and Production Equipment of PTV”. In Information Technology section, two projects of worth Rs. 1418.006 Million were presented and approved by the CDWP. The approved projects are titled “ National Response Centre for Cyber Crime (Phase 3)”, “ Establishment of Land Revenue Records Management Information System in rural area of Islamabad In Industries & Commerce section, four projects were of worth Rs. 5786.444 million were approved by the CDWP. The projects are titled “ Expo Centre Islamabad (Phase 1)”, “ Expo Centre Quetta (Phase 1)”, “CPEC Industrial Cooperation Development Project” ***