PR No. 104 Islamabad: December 12, 2017

Mr. Mumtaz Ahmed Tarar, Federal Minister for Human Rights, emphasized that the Government of Pakistan has shown commitment to create a society free of human sufferings and deprivations. He said that Pakistan’s discourse of Human Rights mainly guided by the injunctions of Islam, the Constitution of Pakistan, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ratified international Human Rights instruments.


 He expressed these views in an event on Tuesday 12th December 2017, which has been held at IIUI Auditorium, Faisal Mosque, Islamabad. He stated that our government’s policy framework on human rights envisages the elimination of injustice and poverty, safeguarding human dignity, establishing rule of law, guaranteeing fundamental rights and freedoms to all without discrimination.


Federal Minister also stated that the Ministry of Human Rights has implemented an Action Plan to improve human rights situation in the country. Action plan focuses on bringing structural changes in current human rights implementation mechanisms through policy &legal reforms, human rights education, awareness, research and communication, establishment and strengthening of National Human Rights Institutions. Mumtaz Ahmed Tarar emphasized on the rights of women, children, minorities and persons with disabilities.


Federal Minister also appreciated the efforts made by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights towards protection and promotion of Human Rights. Lastly, Minister expressed his gratitude to the National Commission for Human Rights for Celebrating 70 Years of the Universal Human Rights Declaration.