PR No. 177 Islamabad, November 26, 2017

While addressing IMCTC's Defence Ministers conference at Riyadh, the Military Commander of IMCTC General (R) Raheel Shareef, emphasized that the Sole objective of IMCTC is counter terrorism and it is not against any country or any sect.

He said that while all individual states are making efforts against the menace of terrorism, the required level of synergy and the resources are lacking. He said that IMCTC will support its partners mainly through intelligence sharing and capacity building.

General Raheel said that Muslim world is the biggest sufferer of the menace of terrorism and in last 6 years alone, more than 70% of all deaths attributed to terrorism, have occurred in Muslim countries.  Fight against the faceless enemy with extremist ideology is complex and challenging, requiring collaboration. Pakistan has turned the tide and had has defeated the menace.