PR No. 169 Islamabad, November 24, 2017

Mr. Sartaj Aziz, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission chaired a graduation ceremony of 24th Mid-Career Management Course in National Institute of Management, Islamabad.

            Mr. Sartaj Aziz congratulated the 24th Mid-Career Management Course on their successful completion of the course and appreciated the efforts of the National Institute of Management for their efforts to equip officers with modern skills to handle challenges and to contribute their services for nation and state.

            He said that this course is not only about elevation of grade but it’s also about dynamic change in one’s motivation and attitude towards public service. While quoting the example of the civil servants he said according to earlier World Bank’s reports Pakistan had one of the best civil services in the 1960s and at that Korean planners came to learn from Pakistan but with passage of time many factors led to continuing deteriorating in the quality and performance of civil services. The most important element is reward emphasis on a merit based system in which appointments, promotions and transfers are all based on an objective criteria.

            Mr. Sartaj Aziz expressed the hope that I.T and management skills, that have been the focus of this course, will benefit you in your careers and now you all have the collective responsibility to work with dedication, determination and devotion to serve the nation.