PR No. 159 SHELL INTERESTED TO INVEST IN LNG SECTOR Islamabad, November 23, 2017

Executive Vice President Shell Energy Mr. Steve Hill visits the honorable Minister of State for Petroleum Division Ministry of Energy Mr. Jam Kamal Khan

A delegation From Shell comprising EVP Energy Mr. Steve Hill, VP Energy Ajay Shah and country Chairman Pakistan Mr. Jawad Cheema visited the office of the state Minister for petroleum & Natural Resources on the 23rd of November, 2017. The delegation informed the honorable Minister on Shell’s Interest in the LNG opportunity in the country. The Minister reiterated the Governments support for investment in this sector

 The Government’s key priority is creating greater levels of economics growth, which is essential to delivering the millions of new jobs which are central to maintaining social stability. Pakistan is the sixth most populated nation in the world (205 mn population). 66% of the population is under 30 years old, making this one of the most youthful countries in Asia. The implications of this in terms of urban swelling, energy consumption and job creation are tremendous

 Needless to say, the government of Pakistan has taken significant steps to address the energy challenges to help Pakistani people- especially the youths- achieve the styles of life they aspire for. Clearly recognizing the true cost of energy shortage to the economy – ca. 2 to 3 % of GDP growth – the government developed a bold vision to resolve this challenge permanently. The vision is based on portfolio of solutions aimed to achieve a balance between securing reliable, diverse and flexible supplies, achieving cost competitiveness and protecting the environment and public health

To ensure security of the country’s energy supplies, the government of Pakistan is pursing polices if increasing domestic supplies attraction foreign investment, diversifying imports to include natural gas encouraging economic inter-fuel substitution, promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy, and supporting regional and interregional cooperation.