PR No. 132 Islamabad: November 18, 2017

Interior Minister Prof Ahsan Iqbal was the Chief Guest at the 5th Annual Parents Day of Military College Sui, Balochistan. Minister Ahsan Iqbal participated in the event to acknowledge the young bright Balochi Youth which are seen as an asset of Pakistan. 


The Chief Guest, Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal distributed medals, trophies and prizes amongst the best performing students in academics, sports and other extra co curricular activities.


The Minister  termed his presence on the occasion in spite of a difficult situation back at the capital as a testimony of the Government commitment towards mainstreaming the youth of Balochistan educationally, socially, economically and politically. Minister Iqbal acknowledged that historically, Balochistan has been unfortunately neglected which is why the present Government has made the socioeconomic uplift of Balochistan a top priority since 2013 through Inclusive and sustainable development. Youth of Balochistan are very talented and are proving their potential by shinning in various fields. We are empowering youth with education, skills and digital tools to become knowledge leaders in an age of Innovation and disruption.


He stated that the government is pursuing inclusive development model under Vision 2025, which aims to bring Pakistan in top twenty five economies of the world. Today, world is acknowledging Pakistan's progress in economic, energy and security fields. The Government has injected new life in the dead projects which were buried in the files due to unavailability of funds - Kachhi Canal is such an example which is now a reality and will benefit upto 72000 acres of barren land in Dera Bugti, Balochistan. 


Interior Minister  pointed out that around 10,000 Kms long highways are under construction in Balochistan with federal funding. He stated that Since, 1947 there was no upcountry connectivity of Gawadar due to which Gawadar was not able to yield any socioeconomic dividend BUT now it has upcountry connectivity due to road projects completed in the record time of three years reducing the distance from Gawadar to Quetta from two days to eight hours. Likewise, the completion of Gawadar to Ratto Dero road will connect southern districts of Balochistan and Sind.


He further emphasised that roads are not mere concrete and rubble - Roads provide the much needed connectivity, which allows economic activity to flourish and as a result improves the overall standard of living of the people by connecting under developed areas with developed areas.


Prof. Ahsan Iqbal said that under PSDP 2017-18 more than 40 Small Dams are funded by the Government which will act as source of irrigation, water security, food security, energy and protection against floods. 






He emphasised that Govt's vision is not limited to building infrastructure and energy plants - Since, 2013 the Govt has more than doubled the budget of the Higher Education Commission. Government views an increase in the budget of higher education as investment in Human Capital which is why it is leaving no stone unturned in providing quality education. In order to ensure access to higher education for all, the Government is building a campus or a sub campus of university in every district of Pakistan, he stated


The Minister also said that Balochistan is a direct beneficiary of CPEC - CPEC will equip Balochistan with necessary infrastructure and energy resources needed to tap the resources of Balochistan in order to transform its socioeconomic fate and by extension the fate of Pakistan. He stated that CPEC will lead to enormous opportunities for the Youth of Balochistan. Minister Iqbal elaborated that CPEC will fasten the process of industrialisation in Balochistan which will lead to creation of jobs and higher income levels. He cautioned everyone on the cynics who spread hopelessness and negativity.


Prof. Ahsan noted that due to effective policies of government and great sacrifices of the armed forces, peace has returned to Balochistan. Minister Iqbal noted that this hard earned peace coupled with the ongoing development process will change the face of Pakistan forever. He urged the students to step up and play a constructive role in the development of Pakistan. 


Prof. Ahsan Iqbal greatly praised the efforts of the administration of Military College Sui, Balochistan for providing quality education and great environment to the students. The Minister highlighted that the role of educational institutions is immense in the building of Pakistan. He touched upon the need of reverting back to the Quranic model of learning which is based upon inquiry, observation and reflection. He noted that knowledge holds the key to the future of nations and countries - Accumulation of knowledge is the only way to survive in the modern day world of disruption and innovation. 


Post his address, Interior Minister, planted a tree on the campus as a sign of his commitment towards educational environment which should be close to nature. He also visited the science and arts exhibition put up by the students. 


Lastly, Minister Prof. Ahsan Iqbal praised the cadets of the Military College Sui, Balochistan for their achievements and termed them as the hope and future of Pakistan.