PR No.37 Pakistan’s Martyrs Of War On Terror Honoured In Paris Paris

Pakistan’s martyrs of War on Terror were honoured here this evening in a simple but impressive ceremony jointly organized by the Embassy of Pakistan and French Committee which looks after the administration of Arc De Triomph. Arc De Triomph is a French National Monument built in the memory of its martyrs in different wars. Ambassador of Pakistan to France Mr. Ghalib Iqbal performed the ceremony of honouring our martyrs of War on Terror by laying a wreath on the Arc. The ceremony marked the end of 50th anniversary of Pakistan Defence Day in France.

Large number of children from French Schools, families of Pakistanis living in France, the officers and staff of the embassy and their families and the members of committee to administer the affairs of the monument consisting of French War Veterans participated in the ceremony. Children and women waving the flags of Pakistan and France welcomed the Ambassador and French Head of the Committee. A smartly turned out French military band played to mark the beginning of the ceremony. Amid heavy rain and wild wind, the Ambassador laid a wreath to honor Pakistan’s Martyrs of War on Terror. Earlier,the Ambassador and three members of the Committee laid a wreath on the grave of Unknown Soldier to pay homage to French martyrs. The selection of French national monument to honor Pakistan’s martyrs signifies the commitment of Pakistan and France to the cause of peace and freedom of the world. Military band played the national anthems of Pakistan and France as the Ambassador rekindled the Eternal Flame at the grave of Unknown Soldier. While recording his impressions on Visitors’ Book, the ambassador wrote that despite being a victim of Terror, Pakistan will continue its War against Terror with the help and support of friends like France.

Defense Attaché of Pakistan in France Air Commodore Fauad Hatmi and other officers of Embassy joined the ambassador in paying homage to the martyrs.