PR No. 171 Islamabad: December 17, 2015

A meeting of 10th Project Steering Committee was held at NAVTTC HQs today under the chairmanship of Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema, Executive Director NAVTTC. It was attended by representatives from all provincial TEVTAs along with Joint Secretary Labour & Manpower Department Balochistan and Joint Secretary M/o Federal Education and Professional Training. In this meeting, 59 short term skills development projects across Pakistan were approved in which focus was given to the less represented areas of Pakistan.

In this meeting, formal apprenticeship programme was introduced which is the first of its kind in Pakistan. Under this programme, around 600 trainees would be imparted with six-month training in the large scale industries and their 100% employability would be ensured. The apprenticeship training would be imparted in collaboration with Chamber of Commerce and provincial TEVTAs.

At this event, Zulfiqar Cheema said that preference would always be given to those marketable skills which are in demand both on national and international level. He said that it is imperative to embed technical and vocational education to the youth that would ultimately help in overcoming terrorism and extremism across Pakistan. He said that unemployment is one of the major root causes of the current weary situation of our country and it is only through enabling the youth to earn honorable livelihood, that the dream of peaceful Pakistan would be materialized.