PR No.310 Islamabad

Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef, President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan and Prime Minister David Cameroon of the United Kingdom held a warm and cordial meeting today on the sidelines of the Summit on Climate Change, currently underway in Paris.

During the course of exchanges, the Prime Minister stressed the need for all parties to remain committed to the promotion of peace and stability in Afghanistan, notwithstanding the obstacles and impediments in the pursuit of this objective, says a press release received from Paris here today.

The Prime Minister also assured the leaders of Afghanistan and the United Kingdom of his government’s strong resolve and commitment to ensure that the Pakistani soil is not used for terrorism anywhere. In this context, the Prime Minister also apprised the two leaders of the successes achieved during the course of the past year and half in the military operation Zarb e Azab, launched against all militants and terrorists, without distinction or discrimination.
The Prime Minister also told the Afghani President that a warm welcome awaited him in Islamabad at the Heart of Asia Meeting on 9th December.

The British Prime Minister spoke of his great admiration for Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef and President Ashraf Ghani and lauded their strong commitment to working closely for the common objective of peace and stability in Afghanistan. He assured both leade rs that the UK would remain available with its support and assistance in their common endeavour to promote the reconciliation process in Afghanistan.