PR No.285 HIV Aids Response In Pakistan Is Improving For The Last 2 Years Dr Muhamaduo Sakho Unaids Country Director Islamabad

Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination has through its National AIDS Control Program has established 21 Treatment centres and 20 Community Based Support centres for HIV Patients. Dr Baseer Khan Achakzai (National Manager AIDS Program)

National AIDS Control Program has successfully prevented transmission from Mothers to Children with the support of UNICEF. Dr Nasir Sarfarz (UNICEF)

We are thankful to the Government and especially the National AIDS Control Program Manager, who has supported communities in access to free treatment and their ownership. (Asghar Satti, APLHIV)

An interaction with media was organized jointly by United Nations Information centre, UNAIDS, UNICEF, the community and the National AIDS Control Program in the ILO office Islamabad in connection of a briefing to the media person.

Dr. Mahamdou Said UNAIDS is striving hard to provide all technical support to National AIDS Control Program in response to prevent and treat HIV AIDS Patients in Pakistan. In this regard a very good success has been made by the program under the auspices of Ministry of National Health. He said globally an estimated 15.8 million people are now on HIV treatment, a doubling from five years ago, as countries adopt the UNAIDS Fast-Track Strategy using data to fine-tune delivery of HIV prevention and treatment services to reach people left behind. Prevention is still the ultimate priority when it comes to managing the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Pakistan.

He said UNAIDS ensures its full technical and strategic support to work in partnerships with all key stakeholders including Government of Pakistan, UN Agencies, private sector, religious leaders, academia, media and most importantly with civil society and communities.

He said with pleasure that the current management of NACP and the Ministry is on track as per UNAIDS guidelines.

Dr. Baseer Achakzai, while briefing the audience shared the statistics about the current estimates, which tells that 94000 people may have HIV, while the key population response in testing is still very low.

He said Government of Pakistan has established 21 treatment centres in whole Pakistan and also community & Home based care and support centres have been established in the remotest areas to provide at door step services to key population for care and treatment.

He said till today 14000 HIV cases have been registered in Pakistan and free test and treatment services are available in these centres. He requested the media to support us in awareness raising interventions to ask the people to come forward for test and treatment. He stressed upon legislation to address the stigmatization and discrimination towards the HIV Community, which is their basic human right

Dr Nasir Sarfraz, UNICEF representative mentioned that with Preventive treatment during pregnancy at prevention of Parent to Child Treatment centers all the babies were born free of HIV, which is a great success on part of NACP

Mr. Vetori, The UNIC chief said that, you are well aware that World AIDS Day is celebrated annually on 1st December reminding us that HIV response need out attention, because HIV has not gone away and that many steps still need to be taken. The day aims to raise awareness on the HIV & AIDS situations/threat faced globally, in each region and in each country; highlight achievements over the year and identify further steps that need to be taken to eliminate this disease.

The UNITED Nation agencies appreciate the role of NACP and the Ministry for close coordination with the agencies, and we will be playing our role to generate maximum resources to reduce the gap in estimation and treatment in Pakistan.